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Knife testimonial!

It was great to hear from Richard the other day - he bought a Hurst Knife last year and has been using it almost daily in his work. I'm delighted to say that it has lived up to expectation and is performing brilliantly.


I purchased this knife on the 29th October 2016

It has been with me on a daily basis and is still my main blade while working in the field replacing my ESEE Izula.

The knife has amazing edge retention, in fact I have not sharpened or changed the edge since new, just a weekly oil to reduce rust spots and a strop after heavy use.

It’s a very versatile knife, great for day to day use; opening boxes, cutting string and performing light pruning tasks.

Battening wood with the strong 3mm blade.

As a hobby I practice bush craft skills and found this knife small enough to whittle/carve wood but stout enough for battening kindling and producing feather sticks.

It has a 90° spine so will produce a spark when using a fire steel.

After a year, I am very pleased with this knife; it has stood the test of time and will provide me with many more productive years to come. Thank you Al for crafting a superb knife.


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