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Stunning Resin Coffee table

This beautiful coffee table really came out beautifully; it was a steep learning curve but it seems to have some out really well. The process of creating a form, cutting and preparing the wood and then the pouring of the resin were all really interesting but the work begins after that! Sanding, sanding and more sanding!

I found that the ends of the table didn't quite look right where the wood and resin met and so I added the end cappings. They were 3mm oak and matched the oak of the table really well.

Then the finishing touches; threaded inserts were added underneath the table to make taking the legs on and off easier and to ensure that this can be done many times without the fixing points becoming loose or worn. Then the legs could be added and to finish, (you guessed it), more wet sanding and polishing! The whole table had 3 coats of osmo oil/wax applied and then buffed off.

The effort was well worth it, (in my opinion) - I hope you agree.


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